Charles Mattocks, aka “The Poor Chef,” has a syndicated show on NBC, and is a
champion for health and wellness. He has a cookbook that will be published in
April 2009 by Wiley & Sons (The Poor Chef), along with food products in stores
and a magazine on shelves. Charles and his brand “The Poor Chef” have a major
television deal in the works, which will soon be seen nationwide.

Charles’s program allows real people to make affordable and healthy meals for
under $7. He has launched a campaign to educate people about food, exercise, and
eating healthy. One of the goals through his show is to make young people aware
that if they start early, they can prevent many diseases, and live longer with
healthier lives.

Charles Mattocks teamed up with Annie Rose, who has a large following in her
field of diabetes prevention and management. For over nine years Annie Rose’s
mission has been to reach out to and help those suffering from diabetes.
Annie’s mentor and longtime associate is Dr. W. Alan Tomlinson, B.A., N.D.,
D.O., D Hom A master health expert, Annie Rose has hosted a weekly international
diabetes support call for seven years.

Annie reaches out to, supports, and teaches diabetics how help themselves
control diabetes. She teaches people how to safely lower blood sugar, blood
pressure, cholesterol, relieve neuropathy, regain energy, prevent SyndromeX and
reduce dependence on medications and insulin. Annie has seen the real need for
an inspirational cookbook containing affordable and delicious diabetic-friendly

The Team

Charles Mattocks and Annie Rose have come together as a charismatic and
formidable team to help combat and educate those living with diabetes as well as
the thousands that will soon be plagued by this disease. “Prevent across
America” will be the voice for those who are seeking to have a better life by
using preventative techniques and taking control of their disease through diet
and exercise.

Our Goals

The focus of “Prevent Across America” is diabetes. With over 23
million adults and children in America with diabetes, finding a way to cure,
reverse and live with the disease is paramount to our commitment to teaching
smart eating habits and healthy lifestyles. It is imperative that whatever can
be done, gets done.