As multi-talented as Charles Mattocks is, designing The Poor Chef and the brand that surrounds it is definitely his calling. Charles brings a new flavor to the online and television communities by showing his audience how to prepare complete meals with a healthy edge for a mere seven bucks. And as if eating great for less isn’t incentive enough, viewers can check out The Poor Chef in action and get recipes and other helpful hints on his website 24/7.

Insider tips and frugal planning aren’t the only ingredients The Poor Chef brings to the kitchen. Charles uses this platform as a means to reach people in a way the average TV star hasn’t. He uses the universal language of food to nourish his viewers’ souls. Along with recipes made with spinach, pasta and olive oil, fans of The Poor Chef get a healthy helping of inspiration and real-life insights that last longer than any seven-course meal at Le Bec-Fin ever could.

“Charles is more than a guy with his own line of products who shows you how to prepare a meal. He has a warm spirit that speaks to you through his work, and the camera just loves him. The Poor Chef is a best kept secret that won’t be for long. This has “big network” written all over it and the potential for a long run,” says Camille Suzi of StockSuzie Productions.

The Poor Chef is syndicated in close to ten NBC affiliate markets nationwide, and is garnering support from a variety of places. This breakout program is seeing tremendous success across the board–including the West Indian and Latino communities, as they have traditionally been underrepresented by consumer brands. In a major effort to accommodate these fascinating markets, Charles has developed a Latin American adaptation of The Poor Chef that is currently in production. The sweetest carrot (no pun intended) from The Poor Chef, however, is the opportunity afforded to viewers to showcase their cooking skills. Fans of the show can join Charles in the kitchen and create their own signature $7 dishes.

The passion Charles has for his work and the people it impacts is evident, and he’s utilizing several mediums to reach this faction of viewers who desire a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life. He has teamed up with Annie to create Prevent across America, they will be tackling the issues of Diabetes together by creating a cook book and a tour to help educate people of the disease.

About Annie

Annie Rose who has a large following in her field of diabetes prevention and management. For over nine years Annie Rose’s mission has been to reach out to and help those suffering from diabetes.Annie’s mentor and longtime associate is Dr. W. Alan Tomlinson, B.A., N.D.,D.O., D Hom A master health expert, Annie Rose has hosted a weekly international diabetes support call for seven years.

Annie reaches out to supports, and teaches diabetics how help themselvescontrol diabetes. She teaches people how to safely lower blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, relieve neuropathy, regain energy, prevent SyndromeX and reduce dependence on medications and insulin. Annie has seen the real need for
an inspirational cookbook containing affordable and delicious diabetic-friendly recipes. Annie is also the host of a worldwide radio show on Blog talk radio where she helps and shares with thousands of people looking for answers, a mom a wife and a loving daughter her mission is just getting started.annie1


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